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What we offer


Data Accuracy

Base your investment strategies on trustworthy insights with high correlations to real-world results.


Breadth of Coverage

Gain access to an unrivaled scope of consumer data that spans across five continents, covering over 14,000 merchants, 1,500 tickers, and 63 million cards.


Flexible Delivery

Access data your way, choosing from user-friendly dashboards, Excel files, machine-readable feeds, and AWS integration.


Data Depth

Perform complex cohort analyses enabling access to cross-shopping trends, demographic and geographic drivers of growth, and customer retention.

How you can use Consumer Edge to supercharge your strategy

  • Boost Your Competitive Edge

    • Gain near real-time insights into competitor sales, customer shopping habits, and geographic spending trends for effective benchmarking

    • Identify and evaluate potential acquisition targets and partnership opportunities in adjacent industries

  • Empower Your Leadership Team

    • Determine if changes in spending behavior are due to structural market shifts or specific factors

    • Assess the balance between eCommerce and brick & mortar spending and its implications for your business and industry

  • Validate Strategic Decisions

    • Make informed choices on store openings and expansions based on accurate spending data

    • Seamlessly integrate our robust data feed with your internal systems for efficient decision-making

  • Strengthen Investor Relations

    • Access the same performance data as your shareholders and public investors ahead of earnings season

    • Confidently address investor inquiries with comprehensive context on your company’s performance and competition


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